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Sundance Film Festival

It’s here! The Sundance Film Festival is upon us and town is bustling. For almost 40 years the Festival has been showcasing works from independent filmmakers all over the world. And as 50,000 or so attendees join the ranks of the full-time Parkites, town is buzzing with excitement and energy. Amazing films, inspiring talks, new technology and of course a star sighting or two look to be in the cards for Sundance 2018.

What to Expect at Sundance 2018

This years Festival is shaping up to be a meaningful one. With 110 Independent Films from 29 Countries there will no doubt be some amazing, new and exciting movies for all tastes and preferences. Robert Redford, actor as well as founder and Executive Director of the Sundance institute was quoted saying: “The work of independent storytellers can challenge and possibly change culture, illuminating our world’s imperfections and possibilities. This years Festival is full of artfully-told stories that provoke thought, drive empathy and allow the audience to connect, in deeply personal ways, to the universal human experience.” Sounds wonderful, and couldn’t we all use a little more connection and empathy these days?!

Resources For The Festival

No matter if this is your first festival or your 39th, it can be intimidating to navigate Park City with all these added people. Parking can be difficult, many restaurants turn over their keys to outside vendors and of course the traffic can be a headache. But the Sundance Institute provides lots of great resources for your visit. They have advice for lodging options around town, how and where to get movie tickets, best ways to move around town (public transportation is your friend!) as well the locations of all theaters and venues. Find all these resources and more on the Sundance Institute’s website.

Being long time Park City Locals, it is important to us that everyone have the best, safest and most inspiring possible Sundance 2018 experience. The energy is contagious and this gathering of inspiring artists can have a lasting impact on anyone. It means the world to us to have this festival here in our home town and have the opportunity to share this place with all of you.

Park City Grocery Express

We believe Sundance 2018 should be spent strolling up and down Main Street, seeing wonderful films that you may never get to see anywhere else or even sneaking in a run or two at Park City Mountain. What you shouldn’t be doing is standing in line at the grocery or liquor store. Let us, Park City Grocery Express, do that for you. Then by the time you get back home or to your rental, everything you might need to snack or sip on is awaiting your return. Make Sundance 2018 more about the Festival and less about those groceries.

Questions?! Reach out. We are here for you!

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